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by David Samoranski on March 17th, 2012

My last post was focused on getting started or improving your skills with Microsoft products to create content, design user experiences, and develop applications. This time I want to share some of the great FREE resources available if you’re new to SharePoint or want to learn more about this exciting technology. I have put together a few links to guide you through some of the content out there for SharePoint users, IT Pros, and developers.


The iusesharepoint site provides how-to videos, tips and tricks, and other resources to help users understand how SharePoint can improve common scenarios. I recommend the Show Me How videos to learn more about how SharePoint capabilities can be applied to everyday scenarios. You should also take a look at the Introductory Training Courses provided by the team. Here you will find downloadable courses containing video lessons, a quiz, and quick reference card for each topic. You can also download a SharePoint Adoption Kit or build one for your organization.

IT Pros

Technet is the primary resource for SharePoint content focused at IT Professionals. IT Pros are site administrators, consultants, and others who know the platform but don’t write a lot of code. The Getting Started video series will take you about 4.5 hours to watch the 11 videos and provides an excellent mid-level overview of the SharePoint platform. You can learn even more with the Advanced IT Pro Training which consists of 19 videos and 9 virtual labs. The advanced training also provides the slides from each of the presentations for download. It will take you about 28 hours or so to complete everything in the advanced training. The Getting Started and Advanced IT Pro Training modules make an excellent 1 week learning plan for an IT professional looking to get smart on SharePoint.


MSDN is the primary resource for SharePoint content focused at developers. The Getting Started video series will take you about 6 hours to watch the 10 videos and complete the 3 labs. MSDN also provides more detailed materials with the Advanced Developer Training. This series of 17 videos and 7 labs takes about 29 hours or so to complete. Again, combining the Getting Started and Advanced Training modules makes an excellent 1 week learning plan for someone looking to get into SharePoint development. You can also try out all of the virtual labs available for SharePoint.

Developers can also expand their skills with the video center and code samples. The Video Center has great content from the 2011 Tech Ed conference, Visual How Tos, and How Do I videos. The newly released SharePoint 2010 101 Code Samples is an awesome resource that contains 101 standalone projects for Visual Studio that walk you through a specific development feature or feature set.

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