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by David Samoranski on December 10th, 2011

After completing my visionary statements, I decided to create a personal strategy map. I referenced Dr. Hubert Rampersaad’s Personal Balanced Scorecard (PBSC) methodology and Randall Rogers’ work with Personal Strategy Maps to create a map that works for me. I really wanted to use perspectives that had definitive cause and effect relationships. I used values, wants, actions, and needs for my perspectives. I doubt this map is final, but it works well enough for now.


I put values at the top of the map. I defined values as the things that are most important to me. Underneath values are wants. These are defined as high-level goals that align with my values. Next, we have actions. These are the activities required to achieve my wants. And finally we have needs. I am not sure this is the best label for these renewal and improvement activities. They are personal growth habits that will help me complete my actions in the long run. I guess needs works for now.

I’m going to spend some time with this strategy map over the next few weeks and determine how I can measure the objectives. I’ll do my best to define measures and targets for each so that I can create a personal scorecard. I also need to get an action plan of improvement initiatives so that I can start to align myself better with my objectives. I took all of my stuff out of the document in hopes that someone else might find it useful as a template. Personal Strategy Map Template

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  1. Lina Martinez permalink

    Thanks, I’m from Colombia and your Personal Strategy Map helped create my own map.

    Go ahead!

  2. Thanks, Lina. I am very happy to hear that this was useful for you!

  3. Eric Scargill permalink


    Great piece of work – many thanks for stimulating my thoughts


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